Tuesday, August 18, 2009

NowBible Color Sale! KJV or NKJV Color Audio and Video Now Bible on Sale with Free Shipping! Stephen Johnston narration. Replaces WowBible (Wow Bible)

Introducing the 4GB NowBible Color! (click here for complete details on all versions of the new Now Bible, MP3 Bible (audio/video), or see links below for specific versions of the Bible).

Versions available include: NKJV, KJV, NASB, NIV, TNIV, NLT, Stephen Johnston audio/video, etc:

The complete Bible in both text and audio formats in vivid color!
Read and Listen to the Bible at the same time using this brilliant full-color hand-held PDA!

  • An all-in-one Electronic Bible AND an Audio Bible
  • Complete Old and New Testaments
  • Viewable text and synchronized audio narration
  • Access text or Audio by verse
  • Use built-in speaker or earphones
  • Find verses quickly with built-in navigation
  • 3.2 inch TFT true color touch screen
  • Stylus included for optimal touch screen navigation
  • New 4GB Memory edition
  • Enhanced sound and video quality
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be charged by PC or regular AC Outlet
  • Package includes NowBible Color, stylus, slip case, user manual, compact earphones, built-in speaker, USB Cable, and wall charger adapter.
  • Replaces the WowBible (the Wow Bible is only 1GB)
  • Keeps History
  • Bible dictionaries
  • Concordance (by keyword or phrase)
  • Bible Promises
  • Bible-in-a-Year
  • Bookmark, Highlight, or Record a note about your favorite verses
  • Words of Christ in Red
  • Repeat playback of Verse, Chapter, or Book
  • "Auto-Scroll" setting for manual reading
  • Cross Reference feature
  • Bible Quiz function to test your biblical knowledge
  • Large and Giant Print text modes
  • MP4 capability that supports MPEG video files and
  • Widescreen format
  • MP3 capability that supports MP3/WMA sound files
  • Photo browsing function
  • U-disk function with free USB cable for file transporting and charging
  • Micro-SD Card slot supports up to 4 GB Micro SD card for additional storage of music, video, and photos (SD Card not included)
  • PDA functions with powerful personal information management software including:
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Task
  • Memo
  • Sketch
  • Voice recorder
  • World clock
  • eBook reader (.txt files only)
  • Calculator
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Measures 2.6w x 4.5h x 0.6d in
  • New and improved Wow Bible.
Click here to view complete details on the 4GB NowBible Color!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Want to buy a foreign language course for younger students?

There are many good options available to get our younger children started in foreign language study. At this level especially, we need something really fun...really engaging. But, if you're actually wanting some retention, there seems to be few programs that offer enough reinforcement. Two good choices are actually connected: Power-Glide and Switched-On Schoolhouse. Power Glide's main advantage is that it is portable. If yours is a household on the go, everyone can listen to one of the cd's on the way to ballet, or little league and then add workbook time later. The material covers what you'd expect: greetings, simple conversation, grammar, and it's all reinforced with songs,puzzles, and other fun activites. If portability is not an issue, or if your children are enamored with the computer, Switched-On School House revamps the Power-Glide material into interactive cd-roms, and the price actually is lower with the SOS version! Go figure!?

Unless we parents are native speakers, we need some help with getting our children's ears accustomed to the proper pronunciation. These programs both fit the bill.

All of these courses will ship for free.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Switched-On Schoolhouse Science curriculum: buy SOS Science textbooks grades 3-12, including Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc.

Click here to buy Switched-On Schoolhouse Science for any grade or any subject.

Or, click on one of the SOS subjects or grades below for Switched-On Schoolhouse Science textbooks for that specific SOS curriculum...

Click here to buy Switched-On Schoolhouse Science for any grade or any subject.

MPs concerned over home school probe

MPs concerned over home school probe
from The Christian Institue

  • "Home schooling parents risk being hounded by the authorities as the Government conducts its third review of home education in four years, a Conservative MP said yesterday."
  • "He said the Government should examine its own failure to deal with child abuse scandals before pointing its finger at home schoolers."
  • "Liberal Democrat MP Andrew George said after visiting home schoolers in his constituency it was clear to him that 'in many cases these people have chosen this option precisely because they want to escape abuse and bullying in schools'."
  • "The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, Diana Johnson, said a balance was needed between 'the right of parents to decide what is best for their children in their education and development' and 'the right of every child to receive a high standard of education in a safe, secure environment.'"
  • "But in his comments Mr Field described how 'home educators are concerned that the government is manipulating current anxiety over child abuse to intrude further into the sphere of home education when it has no legal right to do so.'"
  • "Supporters of home schooling are keen to avoid a situation like that in Germany, where the practice is still banned under Nazi-era laws. Some German home schooling families have been forced to seek asylum in the UK and other countries after choosing to withdraw their children from the state education system."

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"What exactly are you concerned about?"

Could Homeschooling Children Become Illegal?

Article from The Voice Magazine

by Joel Thornton

Very interesting and well-written article, which asks the question "What exactly are you concerned about?" With respect to the socialization of homeschooled children.
  • "To me education is merely a portion of the responsibility that comes with parenting."
  • Re peer pressure: "In spite of the negative influences on our children, we continue to send them to day care; we continue to send them to pre-school; we continue to send them away to school."
  • "My intention, however, is not to wage war against public education, it is merely to let us consider a higher, more costly way of educating our children – a way that allows us to protect our children from a deteriorating world that spirals deeper and deeper into decay everyday."
  • "An equally important issue is: 'Who is going to raise our children?' God gave them to you and to me. Why am I letting the state educate them with virtually no questions asked?"
  • "When we first began home schooling our children my wife and I were questioned about the loss of socialization our children would experience not being educated in the public schools....I looked at my questioner and asked a simple question of him. 'What exactly are you concerned about?'"